How to Give Your Furniture an Upgrade

When choosing furniture knobs, you should do yourself a favour and take the time to view some different options. Although they may seem like such a small accessory, good looking furniture knobs can really change the overall look and feel of differing pieces. Make sure to select a knob which is large enough so that it’s easy to open and close any doors or drawer. Contemplate the colour of your furniture as well as the weight of the doors when you are selecting knob hardware.

Lightweight plastic knobs may not be strong or sturdy enough to let you easily open heavier furniture doors. For these, you may think about selecting heavy duty metal or cool looking glass furniture knobs. A wooden knob design might just work for a solid wood wardrobe, but try to keep a well-matched look and keep the new hardware in the same tone and grain style. Regardless of what type of material you select, make sure that the mounting hardware on the other side of the decorative knob front is the right length for the thickness of your doors. The width of the knobs should also not impede in the opening and closing of any kind of door. If the holes are drilled too near to the centre of the furniture where two doors happen to meet, you just might be better off choosing vertical handles instead of knobs.


Careful with Your Fingers!

At the same time, try to avoid selectingfurniture knobs that are too small, as it might take just that little bit more extra effort to open the cupboard doors or drawers. You may also hurt your fingers, (especially for those out there with arthritis), to have to grab hold of furniture knobs that are too small for large pieces such as wardrobes. Don’t go for the types of knobs designed for small drawers unless you already have that kind of storage in your wardrobe.Although choosing a furniture knob material that closely matches the colour of the storage piece seem like a good idea, it may be interesting to try using contrasting looks. For instance, black hardware on a red metal wardrobe can look bright andextraordinary and silver-toned wardrobe knobs can set off dark, cool wood very charmingly. Glass furniture knobs are becoming more and more popular and certainly enhance the look of any piece of furniture. If the door knobs are for a child’s room,try thinking about selecting brightly coloured furniture knobs.

Designs Galore

There are also many other artistic, whimsical knobs and pulls for furniture available. If you wish for your interior design to look unique and creative, you may want to pick art glass or ceramic wardrobe knobs. These knob styles are often multi-coloured and may even have an unusual shape rather than the usual round one. With such a selection, there’ll be no problem in making your home looking just the way you’ve always dreamt it could!