How to become an Instagram Star

Your social media image today has such a wide outreach that is not just limited to your country. It can become an essential part of your personality. In modern times some of the recruiters go through your social media profiles to uncover your character analysis. One such impactful media is the Instagram. As a picture speaks a thousand words, your Instagram post can reveal a lot more than just the appearance. It can exhibit your thinking and attitude towards life. You will have to do much more than just posting unique pictures if you want to get Instagram famous.

Meaning of Instagram Pods

Apart from just creating a spectacular Instagram profile to get your pictures noticed you also need to do much more to stand out from the 600 million of active Instagram users. To become an Instagram star you either have a large fan following like that of a celebrity or else find ways to get a lot of likes and shares for all your posts.

Some tips to get more post reactions are:

  • Posting at peak hours
  • Choosing the right platform or hashtags
  • Use open ended questions for better conversations
  • Buy an auto likes package
  • Join an Instagram Pod.

Since all of us cannot be celebrities that get picture responses for each and every post, we have to use the above mentioned tips. The Best way to get Instagram famous is by using an efficient Instagram pod.

 Instagram Pods

  1. Meaning of Instagram Pods: Instagrams Pods are a group of Instagram users who inform each other about their posts and assure you to like, share and comment on all of your Instagram posts. They can collectively influence your presence by landing on Instagram’s top post page.
  2. Working of Instagram Pods: Most of the Instagram pods are a community of likeminded bloggers or influencers. They have mutual barter system that deals with exchanging likes, comments and shares.
  3. Types of Instagram Pods: There are various groups that you can join based on your own profile.
  • The general group – There is no minimum follower’s requirement so anyone can join.
  • The niche group – You can join only those groups that have a similarity to your profile.
  • The viral group – Based on the number of your followers you will get an equal number of viral group.
  • The sponsored group – You can only share posts that are brand sponsored.
  • The powerlike group – This can double your followers responses.
  • The specialty group – Best suited for story and video views.

Using an Instragam pod is the best artificial way of gaining popularity for your Instagram profile.