The Real Cost of Online Privacy …or is there such a thing?

Recently, representatives from the entertainment industry and people in authority are taking serious steps to stop and eliminate piracy. Their number one target: Torrent sites.

Torrenting is the act of downloading files with metadata from different sources online.

Actually, torrents are completely legal. However, torrent websites are also being used to download copyrighted files.

You do not want to be caught copying and spreading copyrighted material because the penalties are heavy and will cost you not only money but also a year or two in prison.

But for all it’s worth, you won’t stop torrenting. It’s fast, smooth and completely free. You don’t have to pay anything except your internet provider.

So how do protect yourself from being caught and still enjoy the free source of entertainment?

For one, you can just wait for the producers to sell a digital copy of the newly released movie and actually pay for it or have a Virtual Private Network.

Of course, if you what torrent is, you might also have an idea of what VPN is.

But to enlighten you more, hear this.

Basically, VPN is a widely used service that will keep your online activity secured. It uses  a security mechanism to make sure that there will be no interference happening while you are accessing an important data.

Before, VPN is only used for business purposes. But nowadays, VPN is extensively used for torrenting mainly because of this two reasons:

  • Cloaking – VPN will cover and encrypt your signal making your online activity completely unreadable to the hackers.
  • IP address protection – VPN can influence your IP address so that you can get past regional restrictions for online streaming plus help you dodge government censorship restrictions.

That’s right. You can now enjoy downloading and streaming your favorite series anytime and anywhere without the fear of exposing your IP address to the public.

But is it free?

Yes, there are a lot of companies that offer free VPN service, but here’s the catch.

While you are using the best torrent VPN to cover your online tracks from companies and of course, the government, you are also exposing your online activities to your VPN service provider.

The simple truth is that in the online world, free stuff is just an illusion. There is always a price tag for everything, especially for the ones you want to enjoy. However, it is up to you to know where you put your money’s worth.