Tips on How to Surprise a Special Person with your Gifts

When you’ve picked the ideal gifts for your loved ones, simply handing them over isn’t good enough. You’ll need to determine the perfect strategies that will make them gawk in amazement.

You’ve bought the best timepiece that suits their styles and personality. Simply covering them in boxes and wraps is too boring. Of course, you’ll definitely wish to see their surprised face once they open the gifts.

Aside from taking a MVMT unboxing video, it’s wise to determine some strategies that’ll help you provide a BIG surprise to your friends or family members. You and everyone else would have lots of fun with the “big reveal” when you spend time and effort.

Fake Package

A celebrant will be expecting that he or she receives something. This is when you’ll lead the confusion. The trick is to plant seeds of expectations and disappointments. Start with empty boxes that are delivered by a random person – or try out household materials that have no personal touch or sexy feature. Of course, while the person is still in a state of shock, encourage the recipient to dig deeper until you’ll hear the “wow”. Don’t forget to capture every moment.


Rather than simply handing out a wrapped gift, consider providing an envelope that involves some clues where to find the next clues. In other words, it’s like a game. With crazy adventures and fun stuff that should be done all over the neighborhood – you can make the event more exciting and fun than before. For example, when you’ve decided to present a timepiece with great designs, consider hiding the item in hard to reach and difficult places. Providing the actual gift should not be done easily. Make the gifts hard to find, so there’ll be more videos to take.

Unexpected Discovery

Whether wrapped or not, place the present somewhere that the recipient used and passed by. For example, the cabinet or the briefcase perhaps. Hide the gifts anywhere that can be easily touched and notice and wait until the person opens it. Once he uncovered the gifts, bring out the tarpaulins that print your greetings. Sing a song or work into something which can make anyone burst out in laughter.  Either way, make sure that the celebrant is happy and pleased with the presentations.

Special Place

Think of all the possible places you’ve gone through which helps improve your relationship with the celebrants. There are sights and marvelous landmarks that you can pay a visit. The area does not need to be filled with too many designs and decorations – all you’ll need is the right plan and the perfect situation to make the occasions more special. Figure out how to hide your gifts until the time comes that you will reveal them.