Ways to install windows autologon without typing your password

There are a lot of updated features in the computer system that can help you in many ways. Scientists keep on updating in giving the best opportunity to the people. Likewise, autologon has also an updated feature of their system. This is to make more efficient with it comes in having multiple users in the world. There are instances that of having many users will result to have a constant access to your computer. Some people experience the insecure of their account. As there are individuals who can actually have an access to their own account. Thus, autologon come to the idea and always recommended to set up separate user accounts.

This is for the security of the user’s account. This is not only to allow users in customizing their own account. With regards to there different themes and desktop wallpapers. But it can also have a better way for security. Put a password on your account to make it difficult for other users to access your personal files and data.

Windows Autologon

When many accounts are log in to the computer while booting you will be prompted to select a user during logon

This is to have the password will also be required if that user account has one set up in the system. Even if you are the only user of the computer, you will be still be asked to enter your password. This is probably a good thing to practice for security. But if other accounts are rarely to used or maybe you’re the only user that ever uses the computer, it can become a problem. This is due to simultaneously entering your password.

How to use the system of autologon?

Using this windows Autologon is quite easy to understand and when launch it. You just need to simply enter the username to login to that account. Maybe in other ways default the primary user and the password for the account. There is the Domain box which is optional. You don’t need to be confused about changing it unless you are particularly logging onto a domain. Then press Enable to allow you to enter. Also, If you want to disable this autologon domain system then you just press the Disable button. You don’t need to edit any values in the boxes for that.

This is for the purpose of security or securing your account and password

The password you enter is encrypted so no-one can browse through the registry simply to find it. This is more secure than editing the registry of the system. As it is too risky, and Sysinternals Autologon can also be used from scripts and the command line. Though you can only enable the auto logon feature, and not disable it.