Apex Legends: the best multiplayer FPS game for the battle royale lovers

When it comes to online games, battle royale games are the most famous ones for all the shooting game lovers. After some of the most famous ones like fortnite, titanfall comes the Apex Legends. This is the latest launch by EA and has already started to be the hottest game in the arena with already hundreds of Apex Legends hack links available for the gamers. The game is free and this one will not have to pay anything to play. Also, it is created as a first-person shooter game in which the last squad who survives will win.

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Reason for its popularity

There are some of the reasons and features of this game which is making it so popular among the gamers, and they are discussed below:

  • Characters: this game comes with eight different characters that one can choose. Each and every character has their own set of capabilities and moves, therefore while making a team one have to take into account the characters abilities and powers so that they can become an asset while playing the game. Some of the characters are like Gibraltar with an energy shield, Wraith who can create portals and go invisible, a pathfinder who is a robotic scout, caustic who can wield toxic bomb, etc.
  • Multiplayer: this game is not for the ones who like to play alone. Apex Legends is created solely as a multiplayer in which one will have to play in a team of three members and there will be in a total of 20 teams. Whichever team will go till the end will win the game. There are various tools and techniques in the game for communication purposes among the team members.
  • Respawn: this feature literally separates the Apex Legends from all the first shooter battle royale games. In this when a certain team member will die they can drop a respawn, which can be collected by the other team members who can they bring to the respawn center. This will bring the dead team member back into the game.

In-game currencies

In Apex Legends one can use in-game currencies to buy various tools, powers, and rewards. One can play and earn them Apex Legends hack tool to earn them, however, one cannot use real money to buy them.

There are three types of currency:

  • Coins: this is used for buying apex packs, weapon skins, character, etc. and is used a premium currency.
  • Crafting metals: these currencies are found in the loot packages of apex legends and are used for buying character and weapon skins.
  • Tokens: one can use these to buy Legends and these can be earned only by getting upgrades to higher levels.

Without any doubt, one can say that Apex Legends is a game that is not only interesting but is also competitive for all the multiplayer game lovers. And the entire becomes more interesting if ones get to earn more coins and tokens easily. One can check this out to learn about various ways to generate coins and tokens.