Bashir Dawood: – A Man of Gold

Education is the key to success for any nation or individual, with this thought, Bashir Dawood provided huge support and base to the education in the medical field at Pakistan. He supported and developed Pakistan’s first Organ Transplant center. He also integrated the facilities of Agha Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi.

Advanced Neurosurgery Equipment

AKUH recognize themselves as one of the only hospitals outside North America to be equipped with hi-tech equipment. The Penetero Microscope, NeurobioticExoscope, and Deep Brain stimulation device are already existing here.

Operating Rooms

AKUH is endorsed by Bashir Dawood offers proper treatment and care under various conditions. It is now equipped with integrated operating rooms, enhancing the ability of physicians more than ever. Tools are modified and renewed to meet the precision, ultimately the goal was to improve the life expectancy and quality of life for patients.

Refractive Laser Suite

Refractive Laser Suite was launched in Pakistan to treat visually challenged people in November 2016, it was fulfilled and equipped with equipment that can possibly help out to improve treatment through procedures like LASIK. LASIK is used as a treatment procedure to correct the irregularities of the shape of the cornea, permanently solving the problem of poor vision and abolishes the need of wearing spectacles. People no longer need to travel overseas to get their LASIK treatment done because of the initiatives made by AKUH in Pakistan.

There are many other advanced tools yet to be added into the inventory which can be seen in the near future.